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May 13

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The main points of our project are:

About MOVES project:

The multilateral school partnership MOVES -
Motivation in Vocational Education by Sport - uses sport to motivate pupils for professional education and lifelong learning.
It unites pupils from 6 nations to reach a common goal: the development of marketing strategies aimed at making non-mainstream sport accessible to a broader public in their home countries.

MOVES offers insights into the other nations’ life, culture and school system.
The partner schools are situated in disadvantaged regions or face difficulties due to the economic crisis. Pupils face an uncertain future. The unifying element sport will help them to gain skills that offer new perspectives in their professional life.

The project’s tasks meet the requirements of the EU-commission, pupils learning “interdisciplinary skills” crucial for the job market.
The participants will develop and prove social competences, entrepreneurial spirit and computer knowledge.
Website responsibility, communication via etwinning, publishing newsletters and familiarity with marketing strategy help to improve the pupils‘ educational level as well as language skills in their mother tongue and English.

The project will be documented on its own website. Newsletters will report the participants’ activities and the outcomes of the project.
Descriptions and field reports will appear in a virtual games book and printed leaflets.
The project guarantees the acquisition of key qualifications, improves targeted skills, integrates many pupils and teachers and broadens the horizons of all participants.